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The East Grampian Coast is a hugely diverse and complex area with a wide range of competing and complementary uses.

At one time, it was hard to find out where activities took place and what designations cover an area. However, the Scottish Government, though Marine Scotland, has put a huge amount of effort into enabling public access to a wide range of valuable information. This has been completed through the creation of National Marine Plan interactive (NMPi).

In order for people with an interest in The East Grampian Coast to access this data a link has been provided (above) to a map of the coast covering most of our area. This map can be customised - by simply ticking a box - to show over 100 layers of data highlighting the specific areas where activities take place. It can also easily be expanded so that you can see the East Grampian area in the wider Scottish context.

You can also use additional functionality such as the ability to create pdf documents to print out.

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