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Ian Hay

Occupation; Project Manager, EGCP Ltd

Age: 43

Main Duties; To manage the East Grampian Coastal Partnership, increase awareness of coastal issues and seek solutions, aiding the delivery of Integrated Coastal Zone Management and boldly going where no………sorry I seem to be getting a bit carried away.

A Typical Day; There is no such thing, although if there were it would involve at least one meeting.

Employment History; Since leaving University I have managed a large landfill site, volunteered for SEPA and been Aberdeen’s Mr. Clean and Green. I took my present position in June 2005.

Connection to the Sea; Although my father was born in Shetland, I was brought up much further South near Hull. In that area the coast equalled huge areas of mud. This changed when I moved to Eastern Scotland as there are few more amazing places in Britain. Where else can you go to the busy harbour of a major city to watch the dolphins and actually be almost surprised if you do not see them!

My grandfather was in the Merchant Navy and my brother is an auxiliary coastguard.

Interests; Walking, wildlife watching and mountain biking. I have held a number of exhibitions of photography and have had articles and photos in BBC Wildlife, Birdwatching and Scotland Outdoors. 

Favourite Place on the EastGrampianCoast: The very Northern end of St Cyrus Bay. Most people stop before they reach the rock pools. Wonderful views, a stunning waterfall and lots of wildlife.

Fowlsheugh, Aberdeen Harbour and the Ythan Estuary are close behind.

Describe the Coast in 2026; A thriving environment for both people and wildlife. I think that the local economy will need to diversify and the types of wildlife will alter due to climate change, but it will still be somewhere special.